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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

WEEK 3 - a loss! Yes you heard it right!

Yippee - cart wheels, hugs and all happy things. This weeks weigh in showed a loss of 2 pounds!

I put it down to the 4 sessions of wii fit i did rather then the hugely impressive diet i followed. HOWEVER i did point for the majority of days, so i shouldn't write that off completely. I had a good week but a naughty weekend. I had family over and cooked a lovely roast, which in itself was not too bad, but the home-made apple crumble, cheesecake and custard afterwards would not win any WW awards...oops!

I feel like this week has proved to me that exercise really is the key to my personal weight loss. Whenever I have tried to lose just with diet alone I have always failed, but throw in a consistent exercise regime and it comes off. The problem is I am not one of the worlds natural exercisers! I haven't experienced the rush of a good workout and wanted more. I normally start off hating the session, don't enjoy during and thank God it's all over afterwards. This doesn't sound like something I can keep up does it! I will keep on trying though. I have just ordered Davina's exercise DVD to give me some variety. I do feel better about exercising at home. I hate spending loads of money on gyms and equipment... less time wasted and opportunity for excuses at home!

I have felt really down this week. I don't know why? change of seasons? not sure. Shouldn't be as I normally love this time of year! Hubby and I are putting lots of effort into trying for baby 2 at the moment, so maybe i'm just nervous of getting a negative result this month. We have been trying for a few months without 'thinking' about it. However baby 1 was only conceived after over a year trying and after I started to put serious effort in (taking temperatures etc). I think it's one of those things that is dwelling in the back of my mind, souring everything, but not ready to jump out and be dealt with.

Oh well, the start of a brand new week. Fingers crossed its a goodun.

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