Weight loss so far...

Monday, 7 September 2009

Fat versus me

Well this is my first post on the blog and i guess by rights it should be about why i am blogging in the first place. Certainly as i have been adverse to people who have 'put themselves out there' in the past.

I guess the principle reason is i need motivation! Hence the title 'Challenge Jojo'.
I have been trying to lose weight for too many of my tender years (only 31 of them so far!). I lost a little to be able to conceive my daughter. I lost alot when i realised the pregnancy weight wasn't shifting by itself. Both through Weightwatchers. Guess what happened next? Yes i have now found i am in the process of putting it all back on again. Of the 3 stone i managed to lose i have put back on 2, which is hugely disappointing. So i went back to weightwatchers at the being of August 2009 with the honest intention of doing better. Its now September 2009 and i am 1.5 pounds heavier then when i started back! I can't get my head into it this time. I can't focus on the methods and doing what i know (and really everybody does don't they?) needs to be done. .. eat less, move more!

So as a last ditch attempt to enable myself to focus on whats needed, i am starting a blog about my weight loss journey. I have no idea how many blogs like this are out there... probably loads! But then this isn't really about me sharing my inner thoughts with as many strangers as possible. Its about me getting down on the computer screen what is happening to me week by week. The highs and lows and everything i am putting into losing this disgusting fat. So that when i am confused or downhearted, i can look back and remember better times. I can remind myself what works and figure out what doesn't. Its in a blog form because i have been inspired by an old school friend who's blog i follow regularly. She is an amazing person and wonderful mum and i love hearing about how her projects are going. Who knows, maybe somebody out there will be inspired to join with me in getting healthy?

Soon I'm going to try and work out how to put a continuous graph up to show my weight loss week by week, and hopefully will update at least on a weekly basis what I've been doing. But lets start with a goal, and make it a simple one... BY SEPTEMBER 2010 I WANT TO WEIGH 10 STONE 7 POUNDS. That is 3 stone of wobbly fat to banish. Wish me luck!


  1. Awww! I love you! You are and always be my precious friend who forgave me for being a mean and stupid friend when I was young. I'm rooting for you, you can do anything you want to!

  2. Thanks Becca! Believe me i only have fond memories of you at school - you rocked!

  3. Goodluck..
    It's hard to find that motivation to get started again.
    I'm strugging to find it myself, though the longer you keep at it, the easier it gets..
    30 days makes a habit.

  4. Thanks Ali. I'm definitely sticking with it! I have to fit weightloss into my life some how.